Custom picture framing

Framing your art does two things- makes it looks nice and protects it. Frames & Things offers a wide variety of frame styles and colors from ornate golds to wood tones to contemporary white. There are 1000's of choices of frames and mats. Trusting a professional to frame your art and photos ensures your items will receive the best treatment and look their best. 



Frames are available in wood, metal, and foam. For dependability, we use only wood and metal. There are 1000's of frames available. All frames are not created for all projects. Prices of frames vary by the material, finish, and size. Typically, a frame will go up in price if the finish and look is more ornate or if it is a very wide moulding.



Matboard is the paper product that acts as decorative, yet protective, boarder around your artwork or picture. The most common matboard is made of paper, while some is made of cotton. Mats come in a wide variety of colors. Not all mats are created equal. To help preserve your artwork, Frames & Things offers only conservation grade (acid-free) mats.


Glass & Acrylic

Glass and acrylic are very important components to picture framing. They physically protect the art or photo from damage. To prevent fading from ultraviolet light, as well an indoor lighting, glass or acrylic with a 99%UV protected coating should always be used. There are different glass types and surface treatments that each give a different aesthetic to your art.